Catamaran | Have Fun Sailing


A catamaran is a twin-hull boat with two equally-sized hulls placed side by side. It is powered by engines, sails, or both—and they’re known for efficiency and speed. Catamarans are the most common kind of multihull boat. A major advantage of catamarans is their minimal draft which allows them to anchor in shallow areas. It has more space as the boat has a wide beam. Also, they do not heel more than 10-12 degrees so make it a good choice for people who suffer from seasickness. As per its higher space, it is a perfect choice for a larger group of people or families with children who prefer easy sailing combined with the power of a motor. However, catamarans also have their disadvantages: A wide beam can make it difficult to find room at a dock. A crowded anchorage can also represent a challenge. Additionally, chartering a catamaran is more expensive than a monohull.